How Crypto Works: A Simple Guide

If you are someone that spends a lot of time on the internet, then it is likely that you have been unable to escape the world of cryptocurrency. It feels as though crypto has appeared out of nowhere and it is taking the world by storm, but the truth is that crypto has been around for some time now.

A lot of people actually chose to dip their finger in cryptocurrency in the early 2000s and crypto has been steadily fluctuating for some time now. However, it really gained attention in 2014, when sales of the popular cryptocurrency called ‘Bitcoin’ skyrocketed.

Though it is certain that you have probably heard of crypto currency, it is not guaranteed that you understanding. It is completely understandable as cryptocurrency is only just starting to hit the mainstream and it is not exactly something that we all learn about at school, so it can be extremely confusing. We understand how confusing it can be and sometimes looking for help online can only add to the confusion as most explanations are written on the basis that you have at least some knowledge of crypto.  We appreciate that not everyone has this basic understanding and so here is a simple guide to how crypto works.

What exactly is cryptocurrency?

If you are having a hard time understanding what cryptocurrency, the best comparison that we can make for you is the stock market.  You are probably familiar with buying stocks and how that works. When you buy stocks you do it on the basis of buying when the price is low and selling them when the price is high. Much like stocks, cryptocurrency doesn’t have a set price and so when you purchase it, you do so with the intention of selling it at a higher price in order to make a profit.

Cryptocurrency can also be used just like ordinary money and so you can use it to purchase products and services. It is in the name that it can be used as an alternative to ordinary money, as it is a type of currency. Depending on what the current worth of your cryptocurrency is, it can often be better to pay using your cryptocurrency and many services and businesses are starting to accept a variety of crypto currencies.

There are many types and they fluctuate in popularity

When people refer to cryptocurrency they aren’t just referring to one specific currency. There are a number of different cryptocurrencies and they all fluctuate in popularity. As I previously stated, Bitcoin was one of the most popular currencies for some time, but that is not the case as the worth of currency changes every minute.

Dogecoin and how it gained popularity

Currently, the most popular cryptocurrency is Dogecoin. Dogecoin is actually based on the very popular internet meme ‘Doge’, which was initially made as a joke and was supposed to be a commentary on the world of cryptocurrency.

So many people enjoyed the idea of Dogecoin that it actually started to take off and a single Dogecoin was worth sixty eight cents at one point. This may not seem like too much, but many people bought hundreds for less than a cent  and so they have managed to make a tasty profit. Dogecoin’s worth is very dependent on its internet popularity and so it can be tricky to know when to buy and when to sell, we recommend that you take a look at this guide about buying dogecoin as it will make the buying process much clearer and will allow you to gain a better understanding of the currency.

Home DIY: How to Safely Repair your Electrical Systems

In this last year, millions and millions of people worldwide have been put into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, this means people have had much more free time. One thing many people have taken an interest in with this free time is getting better at and understanding more about DIY. Many jobs that in the past people would have called a handyman to come to fix, they’ve got the time to find a YouTube tutorial and have a crack at fixing it themselves. Most DIY jobs are safe for you to try by yourself at home but some jobs have an aspect of risk. Many people have felt the frustration of your electrical systems failing as we all rely so heavily on electricity, but before you have a go at fixing it make sure you read this article first to find out how to repair your electrical systems safely and not end up with any injuries.


How your electricity system works in your home.

Your home’s electrical system includes any wiring within your house, every single switch has energy running through it, there is a panel that allows electricity to enter the house among many other things. They all work together to provide you with electricity. How it works is that electrical current flows through a hot wire, this current is created by electrons flowing through a wire creating the energy that is your electricity. Voltage is an important thing in this system as it is the pressure at which this movement happens and different houses can manage a different voltage, it’s important to be aware of what voltage is in your house as your systems will only be designed to handle this specific voltage. Most households support a voltage of 120 or 240, this is responsible for powering everything in your household from your air-con to your phone charger.


Issues that can arise in your electrical systems.

As your electrical systems are such a complex system there are many issues that can arise that will be important for you to repair as soon as possible. Your electricity can stop working if anything happens to any of the wires in your home, they can short out of completely fail, this, in turn, disrupts the entire circuit and prevents you from receiving any electricity. Circuit breakers can trip, this means that the circuit is trying to draw more electricity than it is designed to handle so they trip before reaching a dangerously high temperature. If your home’s circuit is overloaded then fuses can trip, this means that that the fuse melts causing a power outage. Finally, electrical switches can malfunction which again causes you to lose your electricity in y our home. Keep reading to find out how to deal with any of these issues.


How you can fix these problems.

When you’re going to repair any issues with your electrical systems there are several tools that you’ll need to enable you to complete the job sufficiently. You’ll definitely need the correct size and shaped screwdriver for your home as well as wrenches. You’ll also need a multimeter, this is extremely important to keep yourself safe as it measures voltage, current, and resistance. If you’re unsure what multimeter to buy as you’re new to this then the multimeter guide will be a great help. You can use these tools to identify what the problem is with your electricity, it’s always good to check with your neighbors too and see if their power is out so you can figure out if it is a repair you can do yourself or whether to call a licensed electrician.

Future Homes: Are Digital Locks Safer Than Conventional Ones?

Security is one of the most prominent concerns amongst homeowners all over Australia. No matter where we move to, no matter how secluded or how friendly the neighborhood appears to be, it’s probably a good idea to ensure you, your personal belongings, your family or friends and your home itself are well protected. So, how can you do that? Well thanks to our progressive societal influence, there are tonnes of ways to keep you and your home safe and secure. One of the most important aspects of home security (aside from the old trusty burglar alarm), is ensuring all the potential access points to your home is safely and securely locked uptight.

If you look online, you will see a seemingly infinitesimally large selection of potential locks for your doors, windows, and any other place you can think of. Locks have been an integral part of home security for centuries and therefore, they have undergone a multitude of changes over the years. If you’re looking for more information on all things locked, why not check out Locksmith Central Coast for all your lock-related security needs – all with a wonderful Australian flare.

Over the last couple of decades, however, there has even been a rise in a new more technologically advanced type of lock – the digital lock. No more fiddly keys or having to worry about burglars armed with a few safety pins, digital locks offered up something new, something safer. But do they really? We’re going to explore whether digital locks truly do offer up a more full-proof solution to home security or if they’re just an experimental phase trying to improve upon a largely successful, more traditional security measure.


So, What is Better?

Well, unfortunately, that isn’t such a simple question to answer. There are in fact a number of standard door lock problems that people should make sure to keep an eye out for if they’re wanting to maximize their security. But if you’re wanting to make sure that you haven’t picked a faulty lock, it’s probably best to make sure the performance of the lock isn’t being affected by any of those issues first. The first step to finding out which lock is better for you is by doing some online research.

Traditional locks involve a relatively simple, yet often very effective mechanism to ensure your doors aren’t easy to access unannounced. There are a few different security levels on your locks that are beneficial for you to understand. These levels may be different depending on the type of lock, but they often come in three levels. One is the most secure and three is pretty much the least (but still secure), which can also increase or reduce the price. For the lock on your front door, you will probably be best getting a level one lock that can withstand daily usage, however with something like a bathroom lock, a level three would do the trick as it would be used less.

Smart locks are often packaged as high-tech ultra-safe solutions to security, but that isn’t always the case. Many times, most smart locks incorporate the traditional lock mechanism for its security measure and the ‘smart’ aspect mainly comes with how it can incorporate and interact with the rest of your ‘smart’ home. Some smart locks can even let you operate your locks remotely using your smartphone. But unfortunately, smart solutions can also create smart problems. With the technological component of your smart lock, you may not just be at risk of tampering with the internal locking mechanism, but also of hackers attempting to breach the security of the software required to connect your phone and your lock.


The Best 9 Cloud Hosting Services in 2020

2020 is said to be the year of the cloud as more and more companies take their work to the cloud. This passage will detail the 9 best cloud hosting services.

Micrososft Azure

The Microsoft Azure is viewed as one of the most extensive cloud hosting services. The biggest plus for the Microsoft Azure is the ability to shift all your business data and apps to the cloud and run them from a single unified platform. This is a bundle that other cloud hosting services fail to offer. Coming in at a cheap $18.95 the Microsoft Azure is perfect for any bigger companies, but smaller companies may find these features to be a little bit redundant.


Secondly, is the Cloudways hosting service. It is quite important to note that Cloudways has started to offer a free month long trial in 2020. This will allow you to test out the product before fully committing. The service also offers the most impressive stretch of features, and is the cloud service of choice for companies like Netflix, Google and Amazon. This is due to its high functioning ability, yet still managing to remain simplistic. Coming at only $10 a month Cloudways is a solid choice.


Next up we have the cloud hosting service of Hostgater. Hostgater offers a stripped back and streamlined service. You can join the Hostgator service for as little as $3.13. This comes with some pretty impressive features. The key is its scalability. If your site can’t cope with the traffic, you can scale up to eight cores and 8GB RAM with a simple click. This simplicity is perfect for any smaller scale business.


Here we have the Canadian based CaCloud. The North American company offers a user-friendly approach with a professional IT insurance which puts this service past the competition. The CaCloud also boasts an extremely slick and modern website, which offers a free migration service. CaCloud offers three separate forms of cloud. The SSD cloud server is the cheapest a $5 and offers 64 GB of RAM. The middle service is the flexible cloud and offers 8 virtual machines with pooled resources, and comes in at $10 a month. Finally, is the private cloud which offers an elite isolated service, which comes at a hefty $658 a month. This versatile service is excellent, and the CaCloud would be an excellent choice.

Clook Managed Cloud Service

Clook is currently the leading UK cloud service provider. The service targets lower-end businesses and companies. Clook takes pride in the amount of money they invest in their support system, this does lead to a higher price of product, but you can sleep soundly knowing your cloud network will be safe. As I previously mentioned this does mean that the product comes at a premium; going over the thirty dollar mark. It is up to you what do you value more the fee or the security?


DigitalOcean is the ultimate cloud server for storing data. DigitalOcean is extremely stocked in its features, with the ability to scale your plan by adding CPU cores, RAM or storage, all on one single system. Priced at $5 a month the plan will provide you with 25GB of storage and 1GB of RAM. This is probably all a little bit overkill for smaller companies, but for bigger businesses then this may be the perfect server for you, offering extreme variety and scalability.

Liuid web

Next is a newer server plan with Liquid Web. The company owns thousands of data centres throughout North America and Europe. As Liquid Web owns its own centres it is extremely quick when coming to repairs and offers a streamlined approach. Liquid Web also has a customer service policy that if your call is not answered within the hour then you will be credited 10x the amount of time over the hour. Also if your website experiences any down-time then you will be credited 10x for the entire amount of the down-time. If there is any fault with your dedicated server then if it is not fixed in 30 minutes, then you have probably guessed, that you will be credited 10x the amount of extra time. With such a comprehensive set of policies, Liquid Web is a really good choice.


Kametera is an Asian based cloud company that are making big waves in the industry. The Kametera is completely customizable, with it allowing a client free reign to pick and choose their cloud server set-up. Also letting a client choose from multiple processors. The Kametera also offers a free 30-day trial, meaning you can choose if this is the right server for you. With instant scalability, the Kametera is perfect for any tech-savvy business.


Finally, it is the Interserver company. Which offers a free migration service to your new cloud if you choose to move. With migration available 24/7. The Intersever is particularly optimized for WordPress. It is a known fact that WordPress can slow down your website, with Interserver having the ability to counteract this slowness. Interserver is perfect for any beginner, as it is extremely simple to use. The server comes with a high level of security and a dedicated backup system. Simplistic and cheap; like I mentioned this is the perfect server for any smaller start-up company or less tech-savvy business.

How the Cloud is Helping Welding Companies Be More Profitable

Welding is probably the last industry that comes to mind when you think of cloud computing, but many welding companies have actually taken advantage of this new type of computing to make their business run more smoothly and thus become more profitable.

The Cloud

The reason that cloud computing has helped welding companies comes down to the nature of the work involved in welding. It is a craft that really requires the ability to measure your success with different projects, whether it be work on houses or warehouses. Consequently, being able to store analyses on the cloud is a very easy, and therefore efficient, way to do this.

In the past, being able to monitor each welders performance and finished work was often an extraneous task that took up time and resources, making it not really worth it for companies aiming for high profits. The obvious downside is that reputations could easily be damaged by consistent subpar welding works, thus losing profit in the long run. With the cloud, analyses can be stored for every piece of work, so if you are a manager at a welding company you can keep a close check on how your employees are doing. But how does this work?

All managers need to do to monitor employees is to connect to the cloud using an ethernet cable, then they will be given their own login which is secured with a password. That’s it. Then, you can start analysing employee performance via the data that comes through for each employee via their individual serial numbers.

This could also mean that if you are an employee (or just a regular person looking to do some work on your own house, for that matter) you can look at the available information on the relevant cloud storage so you can find a wealth of welding information that will allow you to carry out the work more efficiently. There are of course many ways to store such information, however, which begs the question: Why is the cloud so much more technically efficient?

The main reason is that it gets rid of the need for on-site servers, which require a lot of technical expertise and therefore cost a lot more to use. Things that would usually take up valuable time like software upgrades are done on the cloud automatically, further reducing costs through time reduction.