How Crypto Works: A Simple Guide

If you are someone that spends a lot of time on the internet, then it is likely that you have been unable to escape the world of cryptocurrency. It feels as though crypto has appeared out of nowhere and it is taking the world by storm, but the truth is that crypto has been around for some time now.

A lot of people actually chose to dip their finger in cryptocurrency in the early 2000s and crypto has been steadily fluctuating for some time now. However, it really gained attention in 2014, when sales of the popular cryptocurrency called ‘Bitcoin’ skyrocketed.

Though it is certain that you have probably heard of crypto currency, it is not guaranteed that you understanding. It is completely understandable as cryptocurrency is only just starting to hit the mainstream and it is not exactly something that we all learn about at school, so it can be extremely confusing. We understand how confusing it can be and sometimes looking for help online can only add to the confusion as most explanations are written on the basis that you have at least some knowledge of crypto.  We appreciate that not everyone has this basic understanding and so here is a simple guide to how crypto works.

What exactly is cryptocurrency?

If you are having a hard time understanding what cryptocurrency, the best comparison that we can make for you is the stock market.  You are probably familiar with buying stocks and how that works. When you buy stocks you do it on the basis of buying when the price is low and selling them when the price is high. Much like stocks, cryptocurrency doesn’t have a set price and so when you purchase it, you do so with the intention of selling it at a higher price in order to make a profit.

Cryptocurrency can also be used just like ordinary money and so you can use it to purchase products and services. It is in the name that it can be used as an alternative to ordinary money, as it is a type of currency. Depending on what the current worth of your cryptocurrency is, it can often be better to pay using your cryptocurrency and many services and businesses are starting to accept a variety of crypto currencies.

There are many types and they fluctuate in popularity

When people refer to cryptocurrency they aren’t just referring to one specific currency. There are a number of different cryptocurrencies and they all fluctuate in popularity. As I previously stated, Bitcoin was one of the most popular currencies for some time, but that is not the case as the worth of currency changes every minute.

Dogecoin and how it gained popularity

Currently, the most popular cryptocurrency is Dogecoin. Dogecoin is actually based on the very popular internet meme ‘Doge’, which was initially made as a joke and was supposed to be a commentary on the world of cryptocurrency.

So many people enjoyed the idea of Dogecoin that it actually started to take off and a single Dogecoin was worth sixty eight cents at one point. This may not seem like too much, but many people bought hundreds for less than a cent  and so they have managed to make a tasty profit. Dogecoin’s worth is very dependent on its internet popularity and so it can be tricky to know when to buy and when to sell, we recommend that you take a look at this guide about buying dogecoin as it will make the buying process much clearer and will allow you to gain a better understanding of the currency.

Buying Discount Tech: How to Spot a Dud Deal

With the increase in online shopping, people are always trying to bend the rules and trick people into buying items that may not be all that is as shown in the pictures. The use of services such as eBay, Shpock, Amazon, and even Facebook marketplace has been on the increase. Which also means that people believe that they can get away with lying or scamming as they are kept anonymous and kept safe by their online identity; but how will you be able to spot a dud deal? How are you meant to know if you are getting the real deal or a dodgy deal? There are a few things you will need to consider before going forward with a payment; always be careful!

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Too Good to be True?

First off, if it seems too good to be true…it probably is too good to be true! If someone is selling tech for such a discounted price, more than likely there is something suspicious going on and you will need to ask yourself some questions. Consider doing some background research on the product and check how much cheaper they are going for compared to the one you find. If you see that your desired product is significantly cheaper than the others then consider the next step.

Contact the Seller

Contacting the seller should not be an issue at all. Ask for more pictures, ask questions about the technology you are going to buy- there needs to be a mutual agreement and happiness of the product and how the service is being handled. If the seller is reluctant or does not reply then this is an evident red flag that there may be something fraudulent or suspicious going on.

Use Reliable Payment Methods

PayPal is an important payment middleman for small businesses or people that are selling on eBay and Facebook Market place. Be wary that if people ask you to pay from a bank transfer and not PayPal can also be a red flag. When using PayPal, you are protected by the terms and conditions that are set by PayPal itself. Their rules and regulations help to stop people from committing dud deals or scamming individuals. If you did get yourself into a dud deal, if you paid by PayPal you are protected and will be able to report it and claim your refund back. However, if you chose to pay by bank transfer then it is not secured by a middle service and may not be considered as important.

Do your Background Research!

Check that the person/business you are buying from is legit and reliable. You can do this in many different ways; having a mobile contact or email account to contact is an extremely important factor to consider. You will always need a strong line of communication with the business or person just in case there is an issue that needs to be resolved. If the business does not have either of these forms of communication, then this is definitely an issue. Furthermore, it is important that you check reviews! People leave reviews on websites or even on google. Take some time and read the reviews, see what you are purchasing from people that have bought the same discounted tech from this person. You can never be too sure when you are purchasing discounted tech online- everyone can lie and say that they are selling Apple Air pods and then end up with cheap fake ones that don’t even work properly!


Home DIY: How to Safely Repair your Electrical Systems

In this last year, millions and millions of people worldwide have been put into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, this means people have had much more free time. One thing many people have taken an interest in with this free time is getting better at and understanding more about DIY. Many jobs that in the past people would have called a handyman to come to fix, they’ve got the time to find a YouTube tutorial and have a crack at fixing it themselves. Most DIY jobs are safe for you to try by yourself at home but some jobs have an aspect of risk. Many people have felt the frustration of your electrical systems failing as we all rely so heavily on electricity, but before you have a go at fixing it make sure you read this article first to find out how to repair your electrical systems safely and not end up with any injuries.


How your electricity system works in your home.

Your home’s electrical system includes any wiring within your house, every single switch has energy running through it, there is a panel that allows electricity to enter the house among many other things. They all work together to provide you with electricity. How it works is that electrical current flows through a hot wire, this current is created by electrons flowing through a wire creating the energy that is your electricity. Voltage is an important thing in this system as it is the pressure at which this movement happens and different houses can manage a different voltage, it’s important to be aware of what voltage is in your house as your systems will only be designed to handle this specific voltage. Most households support a voltage of 120 or 240, this is responsible for powering everything in your household from your air-con to your phone charger.


Issues that can arise in your electrical systems.

As your electrical systems are such a complex system there are many issues that can arise that will be important for you to repair as soon as possible. Your electricity can stop working if anything happens to any of the wires in your home, they can short out of completely fail, this, in turn, disrupts the entire circuit and prevents you from receiving any electricity. Circuit breakers can trip, this means that the circuit is trying to draw more electricity than it is designed to handle so they trip before reaching a dangerously high temperature. If your home’s circuit is overloaded then fuses can trip, this means that that the fuse melts causing a power outage. Finally, electrical switches can malfunction which again causes you to lose your electricity in y our home. Keep reading to find out how to deal with any of these issues.


How you can fix these problems.

When you’re going to repair any issues with your electrical systems there are several tools that you’ll need to enable you to complete the job sufficiently. You’ll definitely need the correct size and shaped screwdriver for your home as well as wrenches. You’ll also need a multimeter, this is extremely important to keep yourself safe as it measures voltage, current, and resistance. If you’re unsure what multimeter to buy as you’re new to this then the multimeter guide will be a great help. You can use these tools to identify what the problem is with your electricity, it’s always good to check with your neighbors too and see if their power is out so you can figure out if it is a repair you can do yourself or whether to call a licensed electrician.

The 5 Must Have Camping Gadgets of 2021

One of the few holidays that we are still allowed to go on is a classic camping trip. And this means the world is falling back in love with camping and all the magical moments that come with it. But camping in its modern form requires a fair bit of equipment. Unless you are planning to really rough it and fight nature, you will most likely want to be well prepared.

So we are going to count down the 5 Must-Have Camping Gadgets of 2021. So that once the new year rolls around and the sun starts shining, you will be fully prepared.

Pop-Up Tent

One of the simplest and most useful gadgets you can buy. Putting up a tent can be a frustrating experience. And there is always the hassle of trying to pack it up again. A pop-up tent removes all the stress and worry. There are a lot of crap products on the market, so make sure you read the reviews to find which popup tents are best for your camping situation.


Electric Swiss Army Knife

Taking what was already an extremely useful tool and turning it into a fully electronic gadget seems excessive. But has proven to be beyond useful. The electric Swiss Army Knife comes with a mini electric screwdriver, a lighter, and a torch, along with all the normal components. And it is battery powered so you can bring spares.


Portable Espresso Maker

This one is more of a luxury than anything else. It looks exactly like a thermos, so it takes up very little space. But it can produce quality Espresso meaning you can start your morning off properly with that all-important caffeine hit.


Portable Wood-burning Camp Stove

This might be one of the greatest camping gadgets out there. It can cook your food. Work as a heat source. Boil water. But it also converts the heat of a fire into electricity allowing you to charge your phone. It’s a safe way to get a fire going without having to clean up after.


Portable Bunk Beds

Yes, you read that right. Portable Bunk Beds are a great way to get the most out of the space of your tent. Suddenly a four-man tent becomes a six-man tent. Or if you are camping under the stars, its a great way to set up your camping area. Not to mention during the day they can be used as resting areas.

Are Loot-boxes Dying Out: The Issue With Gambling in Games

If you are someone that has been a part of the gaming community for a long time then you are probably familiar with Lootboxes. Lootboxes used to be all the rage in the gaming community and almost every game had their own version of them, which you could purchase with either in-game money or additional charges. If you are not aware of what Lootboxes are then don’t fret, as they work in quite a simple way. They are basically comparable with a mystery box and depending on the game that you are playing, you have the opportunity to gain tools that will improve your gameplay.


If you are someone who has experience with Lootboxes or knows of them, you may have noticed that they have started to die out in the last few years. There used to be an active group of Lootbox users that would make videos about their experiences and promote the purchase of Lootboxes. However, this is no longer the case and it is rare that you’ll find someone even talking about Lootboxes, let alone making videos about them. You may be wondering why they have lost popularity, as they seemed to be harmless fun that everyone enjoyed- however this is simply not the case.


One of the main reasons that Lootboxes started to lose their popularity is because of the issue of gambling that is associated with Lootboxes. When they were first introduced into the gaming community they were good fun and people would enjoy using whatever leftover change they had to treat themselves to a box every now and again as they added a bit of excitement to the game.  However, as with any aspect of gaming, people started to get competitive with their Lootboxes. This was especially the case for Lootboxes that helped you get ahead in the game, people would spend hundreds of dollars so that they could get ahead of their peers and level up faster.


This would be fine if it was just adults who had access to the Lootboxes, but children could also purchase the boxes. Due to the number of Youtubers that were continuously making videos about all of the cool things that they got from the boxes, children were being influenced every day to buy more and more boxes. Children slowly became the largest audience for these boxes and so the advertisements for them became directed towards them. However, parents started to realize this and so restricted the amount of money that their children could spend on the boxes, which meant the Lootboxes lost a lot of their custom and popularity.


Without Use

Another reason that people stopped buying Lootboxes is that they no longer had use for them. The only advantage of buying the boxes was to improve gameplay, however, with all the new methods to improve gameplay on the market, Lootboxes appeared to be the least efficient of them all. Especially with all of the new innovative cheat websites like veterancheats that work to improve your gaming experience without having to spend any money. A lot of the Lootboxes didn’t even really improve the quality of your gaming and only really provided aesthetics, which made them redundant after a while as there are only so many skins you can get in a game.



One of the main reasons that Lootboxes seemed to lose their popularity in the gaming community was due to the vast amount of scandals that surrounded them. There were dozens of cases of gamers or Youtubers scamming their audiences for financial gain due to their association with Lootbox companies.