Buying Discount Tech: How to Spot a Dud Deal

Buying Discount Tech: How to Spot a Dud Deal
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With the increase in online shopping, people are always trying to bend the rules and trick people into buying items that may not be all that is as shown in the pictures. The use of services such as eBay, Shpock, Amazon, and even Facebook marketplace has been on the increase. Which also means that people believe that they can get away with lying or scamming as they are kept anonymous and kept safe by their online identity; but how will you be able to spot a dud deal? How are you meant to know if you are getting the real deal or a dodgy deal? There are a few things you will need to consider before going forward with a payment; always be careful!

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Too Good to be True?

First off, if it seems too good to be true…it probably is too good to be true! If someone is selling tech for such a discounted price, more than likely there is something suspicious going on and you will need to ask yourself some questions. Consider doing some background research on the product and check how much cheaper they are going for compared to the one you find. If you see that your desired product is significantly cheaper than the others then consider the next step.

Contact the Seller

Contacting the seller should not be an issue at all. Ask for more pictures, ask questions about the technology you are going to buy- there needs to be a mutual agreement and happiness of the product and how the service is being handled. If the seller is reluctant or does not reply then this is an evident red flag that there may be something fraudulent or suspicious going on.

Use Reliable Payment Methods

PayPal is an important payment middleman for small businesses or people that are selling on eBay and Facebook Market place. Be wary that if people ask you to pay from a bank transfer and not PayPal can also be a red flag. When using PayPal, you are protected by the terms and conditions that are set by PayPal itself. Their rules and regulations help to stop people from committing dud deals or scamming individuals. If you did get yourself into a dud deal, if you paid by PayPal you are protected and will be able to report it and claim your refund back. However, if you chose to pay by bank transfer then it is not secured by a middle service and may not be considered as important.

Do your Background Research!

Check that the person/business you are buying from is legit and reliable. You can do this in many different ways; having a mobile contact or email account to contact is an extremely important factor to consider. You will always need a strong line of communication with the business or person just in case there is an issue that needs to be resolved. If the business does not have either of these forms of communication, then this is definitely an issue. Furthermore, it is important that you check reviews! People leave reviews on websites or even on google. Take some time and read the reviews, see what you are purchasing from people that have bought the same discounted tech from this person. You can never be too sure when you are purchasing discounted tech online- everyone can lie and say that they are selling Apple Air pods and then end up with cheap fake ones that don’t even work properly!


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