Create the happiest customers on earth

Our Kenyan cloud hosting infrastructure, located at the best data centers in Nairobi, lets your end users experience your applications the way they were meant to be - fast.

  • User Data sits near the user

    When a user visits your app hosted in London, those packets are going all the way to Europe and back - adding seconds to load time. Keeping the data local means everything is faster.

  • It's Faster for You Too!

    Streams skipping? SSH lagging for every key you press? We can take care of that for you as an added bonus - it's one more benefit of the Kenyan cloud.

  • Focus on App Security

    Our team is laser-focused on physical and network security so that you can spend more time hardening your app. We don't have access to your OS and that's the way we like it.

  • Save Significant Money

    When considering the total cost of ownership, including time spent managing physical infrastructure, you're spending alot. Also, you won't need to spend cash upfront for servers. Scale up and down while paying only for what you use.

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